Final artwork.
Final artwork.
Project Title:

Hoo Peninsular Artist Residency


March 2012

Client or Initiator:

County Council & English Heritage


Artist in Residence

Fourth Wall Creations were invited to attend a week long artist residency on the Hoo Peninsular of Kent.

As part of cultural Olympiad, The Kent Cultural Baton lead by artist Nicole Mollett was working in partnership with English Heritage on this project in order to share knowledge and maps, as well as creatively engage the local residents in the process of researching the area. The aim of the residency was to make work that was inspired by the landscape, heritage and people and to become part of the Alternative Map of Kent, the final artwork of the Kent Cultural Baton which consisted of an exhibition and printed publication.   The Hundred of Hoo “Hipstamatic photos, grainy camera phones or fancy SLRs,  all capture images from our lives that we’ll store in photo albums, load on Facebook,  share with friends and create narratives from. These become the memories and stories from the event, our own made redundant. If I chose not to capture these snap shot moments, what images would my memory capture and hold onto? Would they be single moments, minute details, passing thoughts or snippets of conversation?”   For more information about the baton go to