Project Title:

Scratch the Surface, Artist Residency



Client or Initiator:

Elevate East Lancashire


Artist in Residence

Ten creative practitioners, including ourselves, were invited to participate in this ten day residential programme.


With an emphasis on the use of creative and collaborative techniques, socially engaging interactions and dialogue/debate with the other creative practitioners and stakeholders, the aim was to formulate proposals for interim uses of derelict urban spaces. During the residency each creative practitioner visited allocated sites in four boroughs and created temporary interventions before producing a report and detailed proposals for medium-term usage of the site. Our site was Whitefields in Nelson, East Lancashire. Amongst other installations and art activities, we created a funeral for the Old Printworks building that was being demolished and a temporary park on the site of a former Ropeworks. The residency concluded with a symposium entitled ‘Scratch the Surface – Dig a little Deeper’, which was hosted by Elevate. During this symposium we gave tours of the areas we had been working in and talked on our approach.


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